Bintan Beach Bums

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“Expect the worst. Hope for the best.”

I recall one professor telling me this many years back. Though this quote may be too pragmatic for an idealist like me, it is actually useful in some situations. Like traveling.


A Tale of Two Sisters in a Land Far Far Away

family, food

Since last week was our school term break, my youngest sister, Gelli, came over from the Philippines for a holiday. Though I do go back home to visit every year, I don’t have the luxury to spend a lot of time in a day with her. One, she’s already working (feeling old now…hahaha). And two, I usually have other plans, like meeting other people. So, for the first time in soooo many years, I got to bond with her for 5 days (woohoo!).

Time Check!

life lessons, thoughts

What…it’s September already?! I can’t believe it’s the last quarter of 2016! How did timeĀ  fly by so fast?

This year, I told myself I would do my best to use my time more wisely and have a more balanced life. It is a tall order, I feel, but a skill that I want to continuously hone. And I know that this will take time.